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Varela MediaJordin Sparks is getting ready for the arrival of her first child.

On Instagram over the weekend, she posted a photo of her niece kissing her very pregnant belly.  The caption reads, "Little Bug can't wait to meet her cousin. We had a low key baby shower for Little man in AZ with family and friends this afternoon. It was beautiful."

She added, "I am so grateful for the support system I've had growing up and the roots that took hold to support us now. This journey is incredible. God is good."

Jordin announced in November that she was both married and expecting.  She and her boyfriend Dana Isaiah secretly eloped while on vacation in Hawaii in July 2017.  The couple learned they were pregnant in late August.  They later confirmed they were expecting a boy, due this spring.

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Gabe Ginsberg/Getty ImagesFor one night only next month, Jewel’s life will be turned into a Cirque du Soleil performance.

March 2, the singer will take the stage with Cirque artists and other guest performers at Las Vegas’ Michael Jackson ONE Theatre for the One Night for One Drop charity event.

According to People, she’ll be wearing a costume inspired by her home state of Alaska. Jewel will be playing a “Source” and “ethereal guide” for the show’s main character, Nukka.

“Working with the Cirque team has been an incredible experience in art and craftsmanship,” Jewel tells People. “The people are all incredible. The way I am being transformed into a whole new person … I feel like a princess, or more like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.”

The show is inspired by events in Jewel’s life and career. She describes it as being “about family, the search for love, abandonment and betrayal but ultimately the power to forgive the soul.”

All proceeds will go to One Drop, a non-profit started by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté that provides access to safe water.

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PRNewsfoto/Live Nation EntertainmentIt hasn't even started yet, but Justin Timberlake's upcoming Man of the Woods tour could be one of this year's top-grossing treks.

Arthur Fogel, president of global touring for Live Nation, which is promoting the tour, tells Variety, "We’ve got 50 shows on sale in North America and 16 in Europe, and we’re over 700,000 tickets [sold] and $100 million gross."

He adds, "It’s pretty staggering. We’re into our third shows in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Toronto; We’re into double [shows] in probably a dozen markets. It’s huge.”

Justin's Man of the Woods album and its first two singles, "Filthy" and "Supplies," got mixed reviews, but experts tell Variety that has no bearing on fans' desire to go see him perform -- even at $150 per ticket.

And here are a few more reasons why Justin's tour should be successful:

--An executive at Justin's record company tells Variety that the album's third single, "Say Something," is shaping up to be a "mega hit."

--Variety also points out that Justin's audience now includes multiple generations, since he's been around since the late 1990s with 'N SYNC, and as a solo artist since 2002. 

--Justin's been omnipresent on the radio, with "a top 10 hit or two every other year," as Variety puts it.  Plus, one of his biggest career hits, "Can't Stop the Feeling!" -- which earned him a bunch of new, much younger fans -- just came out in 2016.

--It's been three long years since Justin's last big tour wrapped up, and it was one of the highest-grossing tours of the decade.

The Man of the Woods tour kicks off March 13 in Toronto.

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ABC/Rick RowellAdam Levine is reportedly a dad again.

The Maroon 5 frontman and his wife, Behati Prinsloo, have welcomed their second daughter, a source confirms to People. The mag reports the baby girl is named Geo Grace Levine.

The couple has yet to release an official statement.

Adam and Behati are already parents to 16-month-old Dusty Rose. The two announced they were expecting their second bundle of joy in September, and Adam later revealed to on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that they were expecting another little girl.

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Republic RecordsJames Bay's upcoming video for "Wild Love" just got Stranger.

James' co-star in the clip is Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler, Mike's sister, in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.  This is the first time James has ever had a female co-star in a video.  A sneak peek of the video will air Monday on ABC's Good Morning America in the 8 a.m. hour, followed by the release of the full visual.

"Wild Love" is the first single from James' upcoming sophomore album.  Tickets are now on sale for his upcoming intimate North American tour, which kicks off March 25 in Seattle, WA.

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ABC/Image Group LABath time with Xtina!

Christina Aguilera posted a series of sexy black-and-white Instagram photos of herself in a bubble bath -- and fans are shook.

In one shot, the 37-year-old leans back in the tub seductively, with bubbles covering her naked body. In the second, more risqué pic, she’s arching out of the tub with her hands covering her chest. In the third photo, she sits in the bubbly tub with her back to the camera while looking over her shoulder.

The only caption was a water drop emoji.

The photos prompted a series of supportive comments from fans, including lots of heart eyes emojis and exclamations of “Yas Queen!”

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ABC/Randy HolmesIf Elton John hadn't already announced that he was retiring from touring, an incident at his show in Las Vegas this week might have led him to make that decision.

During his shows at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, when Elton performs "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)," he invites people from the audience to dance with him onstage.  But in fan-recorded video posted by TMZ, Elton can be seen singing the song onstage on Wednesday night as a set of Mardi Gras beads comes flying out of nowhere and smacks him in the mouth.

As the band continued to play, a shocked and startled Elton looked confused, upset and furious -- as much as he could look confused, upset and angry while wearing large sunglasses -- and appeared to utter an expletive.  He then wiped his mouth with a tissue several times to make sure he wasn't bleeding. 

Then, ever the trouper, he continued the song.

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ABC/Randy HolmesAndy Grammer kicks off his The Good Parts tour March 14, but he has a warm-up gig this weekend at Universal Studios Florida, playing the theme parks' annual Mardi Gras Celebration concert series.  Like most of the acts playing the series -- everyone from Beach Boys to Phillip Phillips -- Andy's music appeals to a wide range of fans, and he says he's very proud of that fact.

Andy notes that some singers' audiences are made up of "all 17-year-olds, or it might be all 30-year olds," but he believes his fan base is more like those of an artist who's been around long enough to have entertained several generations.

"I remember I saw Stevie Wonder at the Palladium in L.A. and it was, like, everybody," he tells ABC Radio. "Like, seven years old to 60... doing their thing.  And m[y audience] isn't quite that wide, but it's wider than normal, I'd say, and I take a lot of pride in that. I think it's really sweet."

So why does Andy's music appeal to everyone?  He thinks it's because his songs are about something everyone can relate to.

"When you're writing pop songs about life, everybody goes through life," he explains. "When you write a pop song just about the first time you fall in love, that's a pretty small section of the people."

Andy's fans include the ones who've been with him since his first single, "Keep Your Head Up," the ones who found him through "Honey I'm Good," and still others who discovered him through Dancing with the Stars.  Now, he says, he's "really excited" to see how much his audience will grow in the future -- or, as he puts it, "What does this look like in 10 years?"

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ABC/Image Group LAKaty Perry may have caught the bouquet at a wedding over the weekend, but you probably won’t find her walking down the aisle any time soon. Judging by her reaction, she’ll likely be running away from it.

In a video posted to her Instagram on Valentine’s Day, Katy is seen at a wedding reception – rumored to be her brother David’s.  As the bride tosses the bouquet, Katy catches it and then hilariously runs away with it as the person filming the video says, “Bye, Katy!”

Katy captioned the clip, “When you crave companionship but run from love when you get it.”

She included the hashtags, #happymadeupholidayofforcedlove, #ilovemyself and #iloveyoutoo.

Katy was previously married to Russell Brand, but they divorced in 2012.  She's reportedly back together with Orlando Bloom, who she first began dating in 2016, after they split in 2017.

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Greg WilliamsEver since Entertainment Tonight claimed that Ed Sheeran had been invited to perform at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, there's been much discussion concerning whether Ed's planning to cancel his scheduled show at Phoenix Park in Dublin on May 19 -- the day of the wedding.  Well, it appears the answer is no.

As the The Irish Independent reports, a rep for Ed's record company, Warner Music, says the reports are "not true" and that "no one has asked" the singer to perform at the Royal Wedding. "There is no clash," added the rep, according to paper -- Ed will perform in Dublin as planned.

Of course, since the wedding is at noon, it's somewhat possible that Ed could, if asked, perform at the wedding and make it back to Dublin that night for the show.  Stay tuned.

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Matthew MurphyDuring his time on American Idol, David Cook sang a Broadway tune from Phantom of the Opera.  Now, he'll be singing a lot of them, on Broadway.

Starting April 3, David will take over the role of Charlie Price in the Tony-winning musical Kinky Boots, which features songs written by Cyndi Lauper.  David posted a photo of himself in the traditional Kinky Boots pose: wearing a jacket and tie on top, then boxers and thigh-high, red sequined platform boots on the bottom.

In a statement, David says, 'I am honored I am going to be part of this show and get to work with so many amazing people. I love the collaborative aspect of theater, too, the idea of being part of a creative team and working it out in front of an audience each night.”

Based on the 2005 British film of the same name, Kinky Boots is about Charlie Price, who inherits a failing shoe factory from his dad.  He forms an unlikely partnership with a drag queen named Lola and finds a new line of business in making and selling sexy boots for male drag performers. 

During a portion of David's run in the show, Kristen Maldonado of Pentatonix will play his character's girlfriend, Lauren.

Here are David's tour dates:

In other David Cook news, his new EP Chromance is out tomorrow, February 16 via and other digital retailers.  He'll kick off a brief tour in support of the EP tonight in Nashville, TN.

Here are David's tour dates:

2/15 -- Nashville, TN, The Basement East  
2/16 -- St Louis, MO, Del mar Hall
2/19 -- Annapolis, MD, Rams Head On Stage **Full Band Acoustic show
2/21 -- New Hope, PA, New Hope Winery **Full Band Acoustic show
2/22 -- New York, NY, (Le) Poisson Rouge
2/23 -- Washington DC, Pearl Street Warehouse
2/24 -- Leesburg, VA, Tally Ho Theatre

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ABC/Image Group LAEver since her new album Meaning of Life came out, Kelly Clarkson fans have been wondering when the singer would announce a tour.  Well, according to Kelly, it's coming.  Really.

In the latest episode of her web series Minute a Glass of Wine, Kelly assures fans that despite her commitment to The Voice, which starts at the end of this month, a tour is definitely on the horizon.

"I am excited for you to see The Voice, I'm so stoked, uh, I love my team, I'm having so much fun," she says. Then, she adds, "We are touring, I swear to you, we're just not announcing it yet but I swear to you, we are."

In an attempt to convince fans she's not just blowing smoke, Kelly continues, "Literally, I've been approving dates and we're scheduling it around The Voice and other stuff going I swear to you were are!  Like, literally no one wants to be on tour with this record than this kid."

Kelly also used the latest episode to debut a solo, acoustic rendition of her new single, "I Don't Think About You," which she belted out while standing in a room in her house, accompanied only by a piano. 

Looking on was a cardboard cutout of Kelly's idol, Meryl Streep, which the singer says her agents sent her as a joke, following her encounter with Streep on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last month.

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ABC/Paula LoboEd Sheeran's album Divide is a Grammy-winning, multi-platinum worldwide smash.  That's why he's determined to remove any pressure he might have to match its success with his next essentially sabotaging his own career.

Speaking to his pal, "Budapest" singer George Ezra, on George's new podcast, Ed says his incredible success has put him in what he considers to be a "dangerous" position.

"I feel like it’s dangerous to have a career that goes bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger...because at some point it’s gonna drop," he tells George. "I'm of the belief you can control your own destiny. And I'm not gonna allow myself to fall. So I might just step down."

Ed explains that he'll do that with his next album, which is "not a pop album" -- because, as he claims, "the next album, people are gonna be like 'Well, it has to be bigger than "Shape of You."'  By avoiding pop altogether, Ed reasons, there won't be any expectations.

"If I control it, and I'm like, 'Here's a lo-fi record that I really love,' my fans are gonna be like 'Yay!'" Ed predicts. "And the pop world [is] gonna be like, 'Oh, well...maybe the next one.'"

As a result, Ed says even if his next album sells as few as 500,000 copies, "it's not a failure because I’ve made an album where I’m not trying to get there, so it’s not a failure."

"No one’s going to be like, 'That’s a flop,'" he adds. "It's just, "'That’s what he wants to do.'" 

"And then...[if] the next record does a little bit better, then suddenly you're a success again!" Ed concludes. "You control your thing.  And for me that's definitely the next step, is to control it."

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John Shearer/Getty Images via ABCFans who've been eagerly awaiting a new Daughtry album just got a nice Valentine's Day present: Chris Daughtry announced that it's done.

In a pair of Instagram videos, Chris said Wednesday that he was on his way to the studio to finish recording the vocals for the album's final song. Acknowledging that it had been a long time coming, Chris described the record as "our magnum opus" and "our best work yet," adding that he's "very, very proud" of it.

Chris also revealed that a new single will be coming "very soon," and added that because the album is done, he's going to keep his promise and shave off the massive beard he's been sporting for a while.

The new album will be Daughtry's fifth, following their 2013 album Baptized, and a 2016 best-of.

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Kevin MazurBilly Joel has reportedly shelled out $3.5 million for a horse ranch in Wellington, Florida.

The Daily Mail reports the singer purchased the five-acre ranch last month for his wife Alexis, an accomplished equestrian.

“He just wants to keep making his wife happy,” a source tells the Mail. “This purchase was all about her.”  In October, Billy and Alexis welcomed their second daughter, Remy Anne.

The property is described as a “beautifully maintained” farm located a short distance from Wellington’s Winter Equestrian Festival, one of the country’s largest equestrian events. The ranch includes a 12-stall barn with groom quarters and a ring to practice dressage [dreh-SAHJ], an equestrian sport where the rider and horse perform a series of pre-determined movements.

Billy's already familiar with the neighborhood: He purchased an adjacent property for $3.6 million in 2016. Bruce Springsteen and Bill Gates also own properties in the area.

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ABC/Image Group LAAs a special Valentine’s Day treat for fans, Ellie Goulding has released a cover of Don McLean’s 1972 hit, “Vincent.”

The song, about the tragic life of artist Vincent Van Gogh, gets a delicate, acoustic makeover from Ellie and her angelic vocals.

“My album isn’t ready yet, but for the best fans in the world, here’s my offering for Valentines Day, a tribute to Don McLean who wrote this heartbreakingly beautiful and poignant ode to Vincent Van Gogh,” she writes on Instagram. “So much love and big hug.”

Ellie’s last album, Delirium, came out in 2015.

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Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Janie's FundKatharine McPhee is tying on her apron and taking on the lead role in the hit Broadway musical Waitress, which features songs written by Sara Bareilles.

Sara, who's been starring in the musical herself in recent weeks, announced the news on Twitter: "I’m passing a pie to @katharinemcphee! So excited for her to start her shift at the diner as Jenna on April 10."

Katharine will take over the lead role of Jenna, a pregnant pie-baking waitress trapped in an unhappy marriage.  She then falls into an affair with her OB-GYN, Dr. Pomatter.  Jason Mraz had been playing Pomatter for several months, vacating the role this past Sunday.

This will mark Katharine's Broadway debut; she's currently starring in the CBS drama, Scorpion.  Late last year, she released a new album of standards, titled I Fall In Love Too Easily.

The former American Idol finalist will star in Waitress through June 17.

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Brian Bowen SmithHappy Valentine's Day, Grobanites: Josh Groban has special gifts for you.

Just go to your Alexa-enabled device to hear a snippet of Josh's brand-new song, "Symphony," as part of Amazon's Today in Music feature.  You can also hear Josh himself explain that the song is about the difficulties of keeping up a relationship when you're a working musician.

"In a nutshell, this song is about this crazy business that I'm in," he says. "I'm often traveling, I'm on the road, and sometimes I've been lucky to be in a wonderful relationship when I'm doing those things, and it's very hard to stay connected with people when you're working as hard as sometimes I have to work."

He adds, "And're in a hotel room and you write about it and you want to give that message to the person that you love, in song form, when the rest won't do."

The song itself is just that: Josh, from a hotel room, telling the object of his affection that they don't simply deserve to have a song written about them -- they deserve a symphony.

On the Alexa Today in Music feature, Josh also reveals that he's going on tour with special guest Idina Menzel, and reels off a list of cities he'll be visiting, including Dallas, Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and New York City.  Presumably, he'll be releasing details soon.

Josh also reveals his three Valentine's Day song recommendations: Elton John's "Your Song," The Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody," and Sade's "Your Love Is King."

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Travis SchneiderYou may not be able to swipe right on Tinder and get a date with Adam Levine, but you can watch a video of him surprising some very excited fans for Valentine's day, courtesy of Tinder. 

Adam teamed up with the dating app to travel around and visit fans at their homes.  First, he and Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine gift a couple with Maroon 5 concert tickets and serenade them with "She Will Be Loved" -- after asking if they can use their bathroom.

Next, Adam shows up at a male fan's house and helps him tweak his Tinder profile to make him more appealing.  Finally, Adam surprises two female fans with a basket full of "Galentine's Day" presents, and they're so shocked and overwhelmed they can barely speak.  When then they do, they pretty much just repeat "Oh. My. God." over and over.

Fans can get in on the fun by tweeting @Tinder and @Postmates using emojis of the gift they'd like to receive for Valentine's Day, using the hashtag #VDayandChill.   You might win some exciting deliveries yourself -- but sorry, no guarantees that Adam will show up at your door.

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Big Machine/Republic RecordsA federal court judge in California on Tuesday dismissed a copyright infringement lawsuit over the lyrics of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," but the judge is giving the plaintiffs one last shot at reviving their suit.

The case was brought by songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, who composed 3LW's 2001 track "Playas Gon' Play."  In their suit, filed last September, the writers  allege that Swift lifted their lyric, "Playas, they gonna play / And haters, they gonna hate,” for the chorus of "Shake It Off."

But in ruling for Swift, the judge found that the phrase was too commonplace at the time to be a copy-protected original creative part of the song.

"In order for such short phrases to be protected under the Copyright Act, they must be more creative than the lyrics at issue here," the judge wrote. He continued, "...Players, haters, and player haters had received substantial pop culture attention prior to 2001." 

Simply combining the two -- players gonna play, haters gonna hate -- the judge ruled, did not make the combined phrase sufficiently original.

"In sum, the lyrics at issue -- the only thing that Plaintiffs allege Defendants copied -- are too brief, unoriginal, and uncreative to warrant protection under the Copyright Act."

However, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Fitzgerald did give Hall and Bulter an opportunity to amend their complaint by February 26, though, the judge wrote that the "Court is extremely skeptical" that the plaintiffs will be able to come up with a case that will hold up to legal scrutiny.

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