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Matchbox Twenty explore virtual reality with new live 3D video for "Unwell"

Courtesy of Atlantic RecordsMatchbox Twenty aren't touring right now, but you can still enjoy a live experience from Rob Thomas and the guys, thanks to the latest virtual reality technology.

The band has teamed up with an app called SwivelVR to create what's being called the "first fan-controlled virtual reality experience ever."  Once you download the free app, you'll receive a free "multi-camera experience" video of Matchbox Twenty's smash hit "Unwell." 

The video was filmed during the band's 2017 tour in Nashville, Tennessee, and the app allows you to experience a complete 360-degree view of the performance, from every angle and perspective.  You can watch it in 3D if you have VR glasses, or in plain ol' 2D.

The free video will only be available for a limited time.  On July 12 -- the one-year anniversary of the band's A Brief History of Everything Tour -- you'll be able to watch the complete Matchbox Twenty VR concert.

If you'd rather listen to Matchbox Twenty the old-fashioned way, the band's website is offering a double vinyl LP of live tracks recorded during on the 2017 tour, including "3 AM," "If You're Gone," "Push," "Bent," "Bright Lights" and "Unwell," among others.

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