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Checree Bryant

Wednesday's @ 6:30pm

Self Mastery Coach!

It’s time to make SHIFT happen. Now is the perfect time to produce the best version of yourself and manifest your dreams.

Businesses don’t build businesses, people do. Women like you and me, who are committed to developing a legacy that leaves an indelible imprint long after we are gone. This isn’t about being a boss chick, it’s greater than that. This community is designed for women who long to fulfill their calling and manifest their best and highest self.
If that’s you…… I’m excited that you’re here!

My superpower of Love & Intuition tells me that you are here because you are an AMAZING woman that is full of untapped potential. You know that you could accomplish more in your life but you’re stuck in suspense between who you ARE and who you desire to BE…..

Personally, you seem to attract dysfunctional people into your inner circle. Your work-life flow is totally out of balance. You struggle with setting healthy boundaries which causes you to be self-sacrificing and you just feel like you are giving out more than you receive. Everyone feels that you have it all together but deep down inside you constantly question if you are good enough, competent, and you wonder if anyone actually sees the “real you“. Your “self-talk” resembles the chatter of a psychopathic madman and you just wish that the negative noise would stop!

Like enough already!

Professionally, you desire to start a business or shift your career but you have NO idea how to discover the Passion and Purpose that’s within you! You’ve built your self-worth on your Achievements and Accolades and your identity is rooted in your profession, income, marital status, or service to others. You’re trying toDO all of the right things but there is a disconnect that leaves you with a constant feeling that there has to be MORE! And despite your greatest efforts to“pull it together“ things just keep falling apart.

Relationally, you are not satisfied with your options. You seem to operate in wounded masculine energy and you truly desire to flow in your femininity.

If that’s you, I have the perfect solution so keep on reading…

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