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Mr. Medicare (Harold Solomon)

Harold Solomon "Mr. Medicare"
I Want To Save You Money! I Want You To Have The Best Coverage, At The Best Price.

People ask me why I became a Certified Medicare Specialist. The simple answer is, I want to help people. My family and friends who were turning 65 or who were 65+ felt so confused about Medicare. Everyone told them the same thing. No one stopped and listened to what their circumstances were. No one explained Medicare in a simple, direct manner. They felt they were being pushed a certain way and they did not feel salespeople were being honest with them. They were told they had to enroll in a specific plan immediately. They did not understand or feel comfortable with the enrollment process.

So I developed a simple three-step process:

LISTEN – The most important thing I do is listen to you and your specific needs. I ask questions to find out what kind of Medicare health coverage you need.
EXPLAIN - I take time to explain Medicare and after listening to your needs find the Medicare health coverage that best meets your needs.
ENROLL – Once we have found the coverage that works best for you, I fully explain the enrollment process and enroll you in the health coverage that best suits your individual needs. Schedule an appointment today!
I will be your Medicare Agent of Record, and follow up within two weeks to be sure you receive your enrollment documents. I stay in touch with you to make sure you receive everything you need for when your Medicare goes into effect. That’s not the end though - I check in periodically to make sure everything is up-to-date and adjust your plan if your situation changes.

I act in a fiduciary capacity. That means I am bound ethically to act in your best interests. You will know that you have the best healthcare coverage, at the best price. We will be there for you over the years. We want our Medicare clients to enjoy life, not worry about their Medicare health coverage.

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