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Ira on Sports!

Check out Ira on Sports EVERY Monday from 7p-8p!
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Monday 07:00pm - 08:00pm Ira on Sports!

Anita Mitchell

Cruisin with Anita! - Wednesdays at 6pm!

Listen to Anita Mitchell every Wednesday at 6pm as she interviews community leaders aboard Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line!

Florida’s most innovative cruise line has added the services of one of the state’s most experienced and respected community relations experts, with the announcement that renowned executive Anita Mitchell has been retained by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line as Senior Consultant for Community, Corporate Relations & Strategic Planning.

Mitchell is the owner and president of The Mitchell Group in West Palm Beach, one of Florida's best known marketing, event planning, and corporate relations firms. The firm has provided government relations, new business development, and communications services to a wide range of statewide and national clients. Mitchell has also worked such prominent organizations as Florida TaxWatch, Walt Disney World, and the American Film Institute.

As an active leader in the community, Mitchell has served in numerous high-level civic roles. She has been a board member with the Leukemia Society, the American Cancer Society, the Palm Beach County Sports Commission, and the Florida Department of Children & Families Health and Human Services Board. She was the first woman elected President of The Forum Club of the Palm Beaches.

“We’re fortunate to have a talented community leader of Anita’s character and caliber joining the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line team,” said Oneil Khosa, managing partner of the cruise line. “She will help us establish and grow our relationships with this wonderful, diverse community and assist in our efforts to help even more guests enjoy our extraordinary experience.”

In her latest role, Mitchell will help Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line as it launches a new phase of operations under visionary new management. The company offers affordable vacations to “paradise” – the Bahamas – onboard its Grand Celebration vessel, with two-night cruises sailing every two days. The ship sails from its dedicated cruise terminal at the Port of Palm Beach, and the cruise line plans to launch a second ship next year.

The MV Grand Celebration can transport up to 1,900 passengers for a tropical vacation in the Bahamas. With nine passenger decks including 750 staterooms – including 450 with ocean views – the ship is the only one offering Bahamas cruises throughout the year.
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Wednesday 06:00pm - 06:30pm Cruisin' with Anita

John Tesh

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Sunday 05:00am - 10:00am John Tesh: Intelligence For Your Life
Monday 05:00am - 10:00am John Tesh: Intelligence For Your Life
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Friday 05:00am - 10:00am John Tesh: Intelligence For Your Life

Scott Shannon

One of the most enduring and well respected voices in radio today belongs to Scott Shannon. An acknowledged authority on music from early rock 'n' roll to todays hits, Scott can be heard every weekday morning on the legendary New York radio station, WCBS-FM 101.1. The Shannon in the Morning show is filled with music, entertainment news and celebrity interviews. Scott is also the voice of the Sean Hannity Radio Show, which can be heard on more than 500 stations nationwide.
Scott Shannons passion for radio has led him down a path with stops in Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Tampa Bay, where he created the revolutionary Morning Zoo show format at Q105 (WRBQ). In 1983, Scott brought his show to the #1 radio market, New York City, where he launched WHTZ Radio, better known as Z100. As Program Director and Host of the Z Morning Zoo, Scott took Z100 from the bottom of the radio heap, all the way to #1 in the Arbitron ratings (worst to first) in a historic 74 days! Scott also co-hosted the Scott & Todd in the Morning show on 95.5 WPLJ (New York) for an amazing 23 years (1991-2014).
Scotts television career highlights include stints as one of the first VJs on VH1. He also hosted the nationally syndicated Smash Hits video countdown show in the late 80s. Most recently, Scott was one of the contributing radio personalities breaking news about pop culture on the nationally syndicated entertainment news television show, Dish Nation.
Recognized amongst his peers numerous times throughout his career, Scott has received several honors and industry awards. Scott received the prestigious Marconi Radio Award from the National Association of Broadcasters for Syndicated Personality of the Year� in 2010. He has been named Billboard Magazines Air Personality of the Year five times, and Billboard Magazines Program Director of the Year six times. Scott has also been inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame in
Washington, D.C., the National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago, Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame in Nashville, the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and you can find him in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. In 2000, Radio & Records magazine named Scott Shannon Program Director of the Century.
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Sunday 10:00am - 03:00pm Scott Shannon
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Friday 10:00am - 06:00pm Scott Shannon

Mike Balsamo

Mike is a native New Yorker but has found himself more than at home in South Florida.  He is an avid sports fan, whether it's watching or playing.  Go Yankees!  You can spend time with Mike on weekdays from 3-6pm as your afternoon drive host.   After a long stint on the 95.9 The Palm Morning Show, he's enjoying the opportunity to sleep past 3am now!  Mike loves his job, but when not on air you can usually find him at the beach, playing a round of golf at one of Palm Beach County's amazing courses, or grabbing some food at one of the fantastic restaurants on PGA Blvd.  Mike has interviewed celebs like Joan Rivers, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Bruer & many more!
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Sunday 03:00pm - 06:00pm Mike Balsamo
Monday 06:00am - 06:00pm Mike Balsamo
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Scott Greenberg

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Monday 06:00pm - 07:00pm Comfocare

Earl Stewart

The Earl Stewart Code

Main:(561) 844-3461

Earl Stewart Toyota

1.Do whatever our customer asks if they believe they’re right. It’s not important whether our customer is right or wrong, only if they honestly believe they’re right.

2.Do what is right for the customer even if you don’t have to; even when not required by law or contract.

3.If your supervisor is not available, then you must do what is right for our customer. All Earl Stewart Toyota employees are empowered to spend or do whatever is necessary to do the right thing for a customer. You will never be blamed because you acted in good faith to make a customer happy.

4.Always answer all phone calls, emails, texts, and messages of any kind from our customers ASAP. Nothing angers a customer (or me) more than a delayed or no response from us.

5.All Customers must be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Judging a customer to be unreasonable is not justification to treat that customer without courtesy and respect. If you are incapable of dealing with a particular customer, involve your supervisor or me.

6.You will always tell our customers the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I believe in giving every Earl Stewart employee a second chance except when it comes to dishonesty.

7.Your first loyalty is to our customers, not to Toyota. In the rare case where a dispute arises between our customer and Toyota over warranty coverage, for example, we advocate for our customer. We argue and present the facts on behalf of our customer but abide by Toyota’s decision.

8.You must personally take ownership of our customer’s problem. This means that if you are the first person to learn of a customer’s complaint or problem, then you have the responsibility to stay on top of it until you personally verify that the issue’s resolved.

9.Promise our customers less than you will deliver. Always be conservative when making promises to your customers. Over-estimate the time of a service or the date of arrival of the new car they ordered. Under-promise and over-deliver. 10.Trust your customers as much as you hope they will trust you. The fastest way to earn trust from someone is to give trust. Somebody has to go first. Let it be us.
On-Air Schedule
Saturday 08:00am - 10:00am Earl Stewart on Cars

Vincent Fiordilino

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me as I hope through our future business endeavors; we will get to learn more about one another. I am proud to say I'm celebrating my 14th anniversary of entering the lending and finance consulting world. Born in Brooklyn, NY and having spent 11 years in New York, I credit my foundation in good business, morals and family values from my time spent growing up in New York as well as my very tight knit family. I moved to Florida at the age of 11 and have lived in South Florida ever since.

I entered this business in 2002 as I originally “backed” my way into this environment as I began purchasing properties through a property investment company started with a family friend. The investment world didn’t satisfy my ultimate goal of what I wanted to achieve: To ultimately help people obtain the American Dream of homeownership. While real estate investing stayed a hobby of mine, I switched my focus to lending and finance consulting.

My formal education began at the University of North Florida located in Jacksonville, Florida, of which I attended from 1998 to 2001 and obtained my Bachelors degree. The 4 years I spent in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach, were some of the most influential in shaping my professional career. My time in the Jacksonville area also was the starting point of my other passion: ballroom and Latin dance. I began teaching dance at the age of 19 and continued to teach dance until the age of 25 and met some of the most wonderful people in my life from students of mine, to my trainers, to my dance partners and to friends met.

My post graduate education took me to Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale where I obtained my M.B.A degree. This was very instrumental in contributing to my success in the real estate world having learned from some of the best business minded educators in South Florida.

In 2016, my team and I joined Land Home Financial Services, with our overall goal being to lend my experience in lending and consulting to growing the company. Our business philosophies and motto's were mirror images of one another: helping people with the most difficult and emotional decisions of their lives. Our mission has always been “trustworthy and individualized services of a locally owned company while delivering the expertise and cost benefits of the largest wholesale lenders.”

I credit my wife for her support in my business development and my father in making me realize that our core values can carry us through anything. I welcome the opportunity to getting to know one another better in knowing that you have a “friend in the mortgage business” forever.

As Mark Twain once said, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

Your Personal Consultant
Vincent Fiordilino
(561) 745-3344
On-Air Schedule
Thursday 06:00pm - 07:00pm Mortgage Mashup

Cynthia Heathcoe

President of Contemporary Living where Cynthia helps to Make Your Room Happen.
A lifestyle branded furniture and design showroom in South Florida, located in the Lake Park Arts District!!
This inspirational host, was the Palm Beach SCORE Entrepreneur of the year in 2016
& the Home Furnishings Association Emerging Star. She has since been inducted into the
board of the Home Furnishings Association. One of the many objectives
for HFA is to help guide legislature for the industry.
HFA is where home furnishings matter.

Once a client, Cynthia now serves on the board for The Lords Place, a philanthropic agency helping to end the cycle of homelessness. Her personal journey is one of empowerment, inspiration and strength overcoming all odds as a homeless single mother to be a role model to many. Cynthia has always held a passion for helping others and is actively involved in the community, hosting numerous events at her showroom to benefit causes near and dear to her heart.

Cynthia is a frequent innovative speaker, philanthropist, business owner, community inspiration and host.
On-Air Schedule
Friday 06:30pm - 07:30pm Make Your Life Happen

Nicole Rymer

This 13+ year award winning and TOP PRODUCING Realtor in South Florida with The Keyes Company is a proud Philadelphia native. Growing up with strong female influences in her family that fueled Nicole's compassion, ambition, strength and relentless focus & work ethic over the years. A long career in business has helped to develop her powerhouse skills in innovative marketing and social engagement.

A world traveler and founder of The PowHer Hub, a think tank, curated content, digital platform and HUB for everything lifestyle, business, social issues and social engagement. The Hub assists women with ambitions for public office, help in marketing their message & platform effectively. Currently forming a digital docuseries talking about issues in our world and local communities. A place open for debate and the human connection. Nicole is engaged with her community, and a Womens Chamber of Palm beach county board member helping to innovate women in business.

Realtor, entrepreneur, marketing expert, innovator and host.


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Saturday 10:00am - 12:00pm KMA Talk Radio



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