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Spiritual speaking with Sarah

Spiritually Speaking with Sarah
Spiritually Speaking with Sarah
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Fall In Love

September 27th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:13:13
Love YOU, All That Surrounds You, & Create TRUE EVERLASTING LOVE WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO FALL IN LOVE? The FIRST person to Fall in Love with is YOURSELF! Before you can truly Love anyone or anything, you must truly LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE ALL THAT SURROUNDS YOU! Give LOVE to ALL around you - family, friends, everyone you meet, even the more "difficult" people in your life. LOVE THE PLANET... Its animals, its plants, and the very Earth itself for the Life it supports. LOVE THE UNIVERSE AND ?THE CREATOR... For your own Life and your Destiny NOW YOU'VE CREATED TRUE ?EVERLASTING LOVE!

Are You Too Attached?

September 20th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:13:00
HAVE YOU MASTERED YOUR ATTACHMENTS? An ATTACHMENT can be the emotional dependence on a person, or on some real or imagined object or goal. Attachment can often be confused for Love. However, the intentions and the results of Attachment vs. Love are very different. Our Attachments have mastered US when we use them in excess of our needs; for purposes other than that for which they were intended; or as ends rather than as means to a legitimate end. Attachments are part of our delusion: our attachments feed our individual and collective identities, egos, interests and values. They are responsible for our craving and the compulsive desire to gather, gather, gather in order to feel complete, fulfilled and secure. NON-ATTACHMENT IS THE PATH TO FREEDOM To be free from Attachments, we must be willing to let go of everything. We must renounce our attachment to things and embrace change, without feeling threatened by it. We must embrace the knowledge that we are Children of the Creator, of the Universe, & an integral part of the Collective Consciousness. ?All our needs will be met. Let Go of Your Attachments and Be Free! Let Sarah & Spirit show you how to Master YOUR Attachments and become TRULY FREE

Self Sabotage

September 6th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:13:48
ARE YOU SABOTAGING YOURSELF? We Self Sabotage when we do (or don’t do) things that block our success or prevent us from accomplishing our goals. We may be doing this consciously or unconsciously. How Can We Tell We’re Self Sabotaging? Do you allow negative thoughts to spiral out of control? Are you always striving for “Perfection”, embracing an “All-or-Nothing” mindset? Are you overly harsh on yourself? Do you procrastinate, ultimately preventing yourself from having the time to achieve your goal or solve a pressing problem? Do you refuse to ask for assistance? THESE ARE ALL SIGNS OF SELF SABOTAGE But how can we stop? The root of Self Sabotage is FEAR and believing we are separated from the Creator and the Universe. END your Self Sabotage by rejecting fear, envy, low self-esteem, pride, anger, and negativity. Align with your Soul and come from a place of LOVE, not fear. Remember that you are an all-powerful eternal being, ONE with God, the Universe, and the Collective Consciousness. PLUS! Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah during the 8 o'clock hour of the show. The unofficial end of summer begins with 6 planets in retrograde as we continue to reflect and reassess what's important to us. With the New Moon in Virgo encouraging us to envision what we want to actualize over the next 6 months and the Super Full Moon in Aries closing out its own cycle, Uranus will bring us all surprises as well.

Talking To The Universe

August 30th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:17:31
The Universe is always sending you messages! You may be seeing repeating numbers: 333, 444, 11 11. Maybe that "special song" played on the radio JUST when you needed it most. Or possibly the perfect idea "popped' into your head at the perfect time. The Universe Is Tapped Into YOUR Frequency! It's ready to answer your call. Are doors opening for you? Are people who are ready and willing to assist suddenly showing up in your life? Congratulations! You're in alignment with the Universe and those are YOUR messages! Learn how to TALK with the Universe, how to recognize messages the Universe sends back and how to interpret them!

Signs From Heaven

August 23rd, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:16:11
WHAT SIGNS IS HEAVEN SENDING YOU? Who's Sending You SIGNS? Spirit, Angels, our Spirit Guides, Loved Ones - they ALL send us Signs to guide us. They're ALWAYS nudging us with whispers, symbols, signs, thoughts & more. Are You Picking Up the Signs from Heaven? Can you recognize a Sign from Heaven? Do you know how to interpret the signs Heaven is giving you? Do you hear Heaven's whispers? Are you taking advantage of this assistance from above? Let the Signs from Heaven guide you on YOUR Soul Journey! PLUS! Sarah is debuting her new song, "Signs from Heaven"

Finding Your Purpose

August 16th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:18:47
LET'S FIND YOUR PURPOSE TOGETHER WE are ALL here for a reason. YOU, and each moment in your life has a PURPOSE. We are part of the great Tapestry of life intertwining with others through chance meetings, events, and through choices. You have a Purpose, a MISSION, in this Universe that ONLY YOU can fulfill! But are you unsure of what that may be? Would you like to understand what YOUR unique Purpose is? Let's discover your TRUE Purpose. Take your place in the WHOLE! Be the key component of the Universe you are meant to be!

The Mirror

August 2nd, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:18:16
EVERYONE IS YOUR MIRROR Each person in your life is your mirror. Others are always reflecting parts of your consciousness back to you. WHAT YOU SEE IN OTHERS THAT YOU LIKE OR DISLIKE IS WHAT YOU LIKE OR DISLIKE ABOUT YOURSELF. This is your opportunity for change in yourself and your relationships. When you understand what it truly means to see yourself reflected back... There is no room for blame. There is no room for judgement. There is no room for playing the victim. There is only room for taking the most accurate look at who you really are. There is only room for true love based on understanding and gratitude. Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah. It's Leo season, time for fun, sun and creativity while Venus is directing us to look at our love relationships. With two full moons and Mercury joining the retrograde parade to make it 5 planets all slowing us down, tune in to hear your August horoscope and how these energies will guide you this month.

What's Your Vibe?

July 26th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:19:06
WHAT VIBES ARE YOU SENDING OUT? Energy is Everything and Everything is Energy. Vibration determines Energy. Like everything and everyone else in the universe, you are Vibrating and emitting Energy. You are a living Energy field. The higher the Frequency of your Energy or Vibration, the more you will ATTRACT and SEND OUT the positive qualities and feelings of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Peace. You will feel lighter in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You will experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. Higher Vibration creates Higher Energy and will allow you to manifest whatever you desire!

God's Time

July 19th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:11:59
GOD’S TIME IS DIFFERENT THAN OUR TIME Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t see time as you and I do? God has ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE! ?God is the Mighty "I AM" who knows ALL - past, present and future. All things occur in His perfect time, not ours. God Has No Deadlines God Is Never Impatient God's Judgement Is Never Clouded God Has Only YOUR Greater Good in Mind. Even When It Seems Like "Bad Timing", God's Timing Is Perfect! There is always a reason behind His timing. No matter how impossible the situation appears, God will see you through. He & He alone has the final say. Wait for the Lord. Be strong, And let your heart take courage. Wait for the Lord. ~ Psalm 27:14 ~

Monsters in Your Closet

July 12th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:19:25
DO YOU REMEMBER THE MONSTERS IN YOUR CLOSET? As children we were always afraid of the "monsters in our closets", only to find they weren't real. As adults, the monsters in our closets may be memories from our past that we haven't healed, personal failings, continuing weaknesses, uncomfortable truths we don't want to acknowledge to ourselves, much less to others. Monsters are really only exaggerated FEARS... ...fears that have been impressed on us from the outside world. We have all faced these Monsters. Now's the time to stop feeding the Monsters that you carry within your own inner closet!

You Ask, Spirit Answers

July 5th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:15:28
Our 14-Year Anniversary Celebration Continues! YOU ASK, How can I find my True Love? Will my Finances increase? Will I get that Job Promotion? Should I change Careers? Is Moving a good idea? Are my Angels with me? How can I Connect with my Loved Ones on the Other Side? How do I live a more Abundant and Fulfilled LIFE? SPIRIT ANSWERS Spirit, your Angels and your Guides will always answer your questions. All you need do is BE STILL AND LISTEN Listen for their whispers, look for their signs, pay attention to all the ways Spirit communicates with you. SPIRIT HAS YOUR ?ANSWERS PLUS! Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah during the 8 o'clock hour of the show. It's Cancer season and it's kicked off with Monday's Full Buck Moon in Capricorn to complete what we envisioned last December, followed by a New Moon in Cancer on the 17th. Venus goes retrograde for the first time in 2 years, so tune in to hear how the moons will affect you this month and what Venus in retrograde means for your finances and love life.

14 Year Live Radio Show

June 28th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:16:46
Seek guidance, support, and inspiration from God, the Universe, your soul, and others. Pray for guidance and clarity. Listen to your intuition and follow your inner guidance. Ask for help from your angels, spirit guides, mentors, friends, or family. Live from The Expedito Enlightenment Center in West Palm Beach. Sarah celebrates 14 years on the radio.


June 21st, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:17:07
Challenges Drive Change! Are you uncomfortable with your current life experience? Has feeling uncomfortable shifted to being challenged? Are some challenges seemingly insurmountable? Your current challenge is a catalyst to propel you to your destiny! SEE BEYOND YOUR CHALLENGES Find your GOD POWER, your COURAGE and RISE above the LIMITATIONS. You are an INFINITE BEING filled with DIVINE ENERGY! TAP INTO SPIRIT & THE UNIVERSE! Need inspiration? Turn to Spirit! Need guidance? Ask your Angels & Guides! Make the impossible possible? Give it up to the Universe! With Spirit you can overcome ANY CHALLENGE! Let Challenges be the OPPORTUNITY to make changes in YOUR Life so you can GROW. Reach new levels of expansion in your Personal, Financial & Spiritual Lives!

Your Mind Trap

June 14th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:15:47
DOES YOUR MIND HAVE YOU CAUGHT IN A TRAP? Are you constantly overthinking every move you make? Are you in "Analysis Paralysis", unable to make a decision? Maybe you're thinking for others, assuming what their feelings are and anticipating what you think they'll do. You could be "Fortune Telling", predicting what will or won't happen and always expecting the worst. "The moment spiritual people start overthinking is the same moment they start blocking God’s voice and guidance into the things he has prepared." ~ Mariandreina Farias ~ TRUST IN GOD & ?THE UNIVERSE When you trust in God & the Universe, your desires come into your life faster than you can imagine. You'll experience Calmness, Wisdom, Gratitude & amazing Spiritual Growth. Your path forward becomes clearer. Life begins to flow, and invisible Angel Wings lift you up.

Sarah's Birthday Show

May 31st, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:17:21
WE CELEBRATE SARAH SPIRITUAL'S BIRTHDAY! PLUS! Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah. Summer is finally here, eclipse season is in our memory just when retrograde season fires up with powerful evolutionary planets Pluto, Saturn and Neptune in June. Kicking it off is the Full Moon in Sagittarius this Saturday so tune in to hear how the planetary energies will be influencing your sun and rising signs this month.

Power of Words

May 24th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:20:24
WORDS HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE! Your words are a reflection of what is in your heart. They show your intention and will manifest in reality. The Universe hears your words and will have them come to life! SPEAK ONLY WHAT YOU WISH TO CREATE What are you saying, to yourself and to the Universe? Do you speak to yourself with kindness? Do your words support your dreams and desires? What are YOUR words creating? SARAH & SPIRIT SHOW YOU HOW TO ALIGN YOUR WORDS WITH THE REALITY YOU DESIRE!

Disable Doubt

May 17th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:17:18
Doubt is a common human emotion; we all experience it at one time or another. Perhaps you’re feeling that you’re never quite good enough. Your faith in yourself and the possibilities of the Universe is wavering. Doubt blocks the gifts the Creator and the Universe have in store for you. Doubt takes away your Power to Manifest. How can we DISABLE DOUBT, eliminate it from our lives? “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” ~ Mark 9:24, KJV ~ Begin by speaking with God: Describe your doubts to God and be open to the solutions He will provide to meet your needs. Have faith in His plan for you. Stay connected through prayer. Practice Self-Compassion: Look at yourself in the mirror and say positive affirmations as you begin your day. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs: Our beliefs are our roadmap for life. Which beliefs are holding you back from success? Identify them and change them. Change Your Self-Talk: Remember that our words define our reality, both in speech and thought. Eliminate “can’t” and “not good enough” from your vocabulary. Silence your inner critic. Focus On Your Desires: Overcome self-doubt by giving more power to your desires than to your fears. FAITH & BELIEF in the Power of Spirit eliminate Doubt. When we BELIEVE, anything is possible. Sarah & Spirit discuss how YOU can Disable Doubt!

Time in A Bottle

May 10th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:21:26
WHAT MOMENT IN TIME WOULD BE IN YOUR BOTTLE? What are the moments in your life that you would love to cherish forever? Who are the people forever in your heart? What are your favorite childhood memories? There are moments in time that we wish would never end. Our experiences remain deep in our soul, in our memory and in our hearts. What moments of time would you like to keep in a bottle forever clear and sealed in time? AS WE CREATE NEW MEMORIES... It's important to cherish the memories that have made us who we are and brought us to where we are in our lives. Sarah & Spirit discuss Time and Holding on to Memories!

Navigating Life's Changes

May 3rd, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:19:19
ARE YOU AVOIDING MAKING A CHANGE? Are you feeling the need to shift, but you're resisting the change due to uncertainty and fear of the unfamiliar? Yes, change can be uncomfortable! Please follow the prompting from the Universe. God is trying to spare you a tumultuous upset by pushing you into a new chapter of your life. Are you ready to take a Leap of Faith? You're more courageous than you know, and FEAR has no power. You have the support of the entire Universe - Make the CHANGE! Be compassionate with yourself. Understand that it’s OK to struggle at times: Change isn’t always easy. Remember to always say, “I love you” to yourself. It's said that "Change always comes bearing gifts." While a door may be closing, consider that Change is opening a window, an invitation to something new and exciting. The gift Change brings you may be that window of opportunity you’ve always been waiting for. TONIGHT join Sarah & Spirit as they show YOU how to Navigate Life's Changes with Ease and Grace! PLUS! Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah. Mercury Retrograde, Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Pluto in retrograde and Uranus waiting to shake us up... but Jupiter and Venus are coming to the rescue! It's Taurus time so tune in to hear how and where all of May's energies and aspects will be affecting your sun and rising sign this month and how to navigate what's ahead for all of us.

Hello God? It's me

April 26th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:17:06
GOD is always interested in speaking with YOU! The Creator is always ready to listen to whatever you wish to share. What Would You Say To God? What would you ask God? Would you tell God what's in your HEART? What's on your MIND? Would you share your Hopes, Wishes & Dreams? GOD LISTENS TO YOU! Open your heart, express your gratitude, ask God to walk the path with you. Surrender your worries, your fears and allow God's LOVE to quell the uncertainty that taunts us daily. Believe in a Greater Power which conquers ALL. MOST IMPORTANTLY, TAKE THE TIME TO SAY, "I LOVE YOU GOD" Sarah & Spirit talk to God and Heaven with you! What will you say to God?

Hidden Blessings

April 19th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:20:01
HARDSHIPS ARE BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE Life brings many Blessings for us, some obvious, others not. Have you ever made a choice believing it would bring an amazing outcome then end with disappointment instead? Have you experienced life throwing you a curveball, thrusting you out of your comfort zone, leaving you feeling helpless and defeated only to find it brought you to an amazing place in your life? Our life's challenges can be Hidden Blessings, for they teach us about ourselves. When we face our challenges we may uncover our greatest gifts of strength, resiliency and love. Gratitude in the face of all obstacles is the greatest gift of all for it open us to Blessings of the Universe.

Facing Fear

April 5th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:19:34
FACE your Fear, see through its ILLUSION and conquer Fear once and for all. Remember, Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real Call in tonight as Sarah & Spirit show how you can conquer Fear in YOUR life!

Resistance: Whats Blocking You?

March 29th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:17:40
WHERE'S THE RESISTANCE? What blocks your Path? Do difficulties seem to pop up each time you make any progress? Are you being limited by your own fears and lack of confidence? Wondering how to overcome the impossible in these unprecedented times? SEE BEYOND THE BLOCKAGES Find your GOD POWER, your COURAGE and RISE above the LIMITATIONS. You are an INFINITE BEING filled with DIVINE ENERGY! TAP INTO SPIRIT & THE UNIVERSE! Need inspiration? Turn to Spirit! Need guidance? Ask your Angels & Spirit Guides! Make the impossible possible? Give it up to the Universe! With Spirit you can overcome ANY resistance, ANY block. Turn Your Obstacles into Your Greatest Successes!

You Ask, Spirit Answers

March 22nd, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:15:45
YOU ASK... How can I find my True Love? Will my Finances increase? Will I get that Job Promotion? Should I change Careers? Is Moving a good idea? Are my Angels with me? How can I Connect with my Loved Ones on the Other Side? How do I live a more Abundant and Fulfilled LIFE? SPIRIT ANSWERS Spirit, your Angels and your Guides will always answer your questions. All you need do is BE STILL AND LISTEN Listen for their whispers, look for their signs, pay attention to all the ways Spirit communicates with you. SPIRIT HAS YOUR ANSWERS

Soul Mates or Cell Mates

March 15th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:17:47
IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH A SOUL MATE OR CELL MATE? A soul mate is a meant-to-be relationship. Your connection is strong; when you meet, something profound in you awakens. You and your partner want to support each other’s souls and be each other’s "Safe Haven". You take each other further in your own spiritual growth than either of you could go alone. “Soul Mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.” A Cell Mate is the opposite of a Soul Mate. They create and are content to remain in a prison cell with you. Rather than support your growth and dreams, they want you to stay in bondage with them. A Cell Mate does not want to see you break free to live your Destiny: an extraordinary life, blessed and favored. Cell Mates and Soul Mates are not just limited to romantic relationships. They can also take place in friendships, work relationships, and even family. IN WHICH RELATIONSHIP ARE YOU? Join Sarah & Spirit as they discuss Soul Mates and Cell Mates and how to foster a Soul Mate Relationship.

Yellow Brick Road

March 8th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:16:44
WHO WILL YOU MEET ON YOUR YELLOW BRICK ROAD? On our Spiritual Journey, we will meet a wide variety of personalities. Remember that each individual represents a different aspect of our own Spiritual Growth and Transformation. Whether we encounter a Cowardly Lion finding his courage, a Scarecrow seeking to learn, a Tinman discovering the Love within, or a Wizard sharing their wisdom, we are meeting parts of ourselves. All assist us to find the peace & love within as we connect to the Divine Creator and each other on our Journey. Join Sarah & Spirit on the Yellow Brick Road and learn about the people you'll meet!

Letting Go

March 1st, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:18:23
Are you open to new possibilities? What are the experiences, relationships, or patterns that you need to review and cut away from your energy? Do you have regrets, do you second-guess the choices you've made in the past? Are you wanting to make a change, but fear is holding you back? IT'S TIME TO LET GO It’s time to trust. It’s time to allow the Universe & God to show you a different way. Together, let's LET GO of how it used to be and what might have been. BE OPEN TO WHAT WE CAN CREATE! PLUS! Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah.

Why Me God

February 22nd, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:19:03
HAVE YOU EVER ASKED “WHY ME GOD?” We all have “Why ME God?” moments in life. It's what we choose to do after they come that defines us. We must learn to find joy in the “Why ME God?” moments. And when the hard times come, we have a choice to make. We can lean on God and trust in Him, even when we literally have no idea what’s going on. Or we can depend only on ourselves to get through difficult times. How well does that work? Choose to lean on God and draw closer to Him during the disappointments of life. You’ll be filled with a calm and peace that surpasses all understanding. IT REALLY IS A CHOICE!!

Love Is In The Air

February 15th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:14:59
Near Valentines' Day, with Spring around the corner, it's often said that "Love Is in the Air" A blissful vibration, a loving connection can be sensed from the people around you & even your surroundings. Our thoughts turn to LOVE... LOVE of SELF... LOVE for Your Life's Partner... LOVE for Your Family & Friends... LOVE of LIFE... LOVE of GOD! LOVE is the Power which fuels the UNIVERSE, connecting us ALL. Our capacity to LOVE is God's greatest gift to mankind! Take the time to say, "I LOVE YOU!"

Road Less Traveled

February 8th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:20:53
This can be a a lonely and sometimes difficult time in one's life. Many may not understand your choice. It is your own journey of self-discovery - a time which can align you with Source and your own True Soul Self, your Destiny. As you choose the Road Less Traveled, you understand it's OK to be separate, to discover your uniqueness and inner peace. Your Soul knows your Journey. Let's align with the Divine Plan. Now is the time to walk the path our Creator has laid before you for your expansion. Are you brave enough to embrace your Soul's Mission and take the Road Less Traveled?

Tapestry of Life

February 1st, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:19:57
Sarah and Spirit show YOU how to weave your life's tapestry in partnership with God! PLUS! Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah during the 8 o'clock hour of the show.

Connect To The Universe

January 25th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 2:18:09
Learn how to Connect to the Universe, how to recognize the messages sent by the Universe and how to interpret them! The Universe Is Connected to YOUR Frequency! It's ready to answer your call. Are doors opening for you? Are people who are ready and willing to assist suddenly showing up in your life? Congratulations! You're in alignment with the Universe and those are YOUR messages! Are YOU ready to Connect to the Universal Stream?

Don't Rock The Boat

January 18th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:20:43
Spirit & the Universe have cleared the waters for smooth sailing to all we desire, to assist in creating the life of our dreams. But we must be clear in what we ask for. Are you sending mixed messages to the Universe? Are you unclear in your desires? Are YOU the one Rocking the Boat?


January 11th, 2023 06:30pm | Duration: 2:18:02
Reflection and YOUR Spiritual Growth So many of our habits, patterns of behavior, and pre-set “programming” are created by the conditioning of the external world. Reflection is a way to attend to and learn from life and move past this conditioning for our Spiritual Growth. Reflection is the process of directing your mind and your awareness in any moment. THROUGH REFLECTION... You gain perspective on what is truly important to YOU We come to a better understanding of ourselves and others We become more aware of our Inner KNOWING, following its direction and embracing its flows. Thus, we can respond more effectively to any challenge.

New Year's Messages

January 4th, 2023 12:00am | Duration: 02:18:31
Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah during the 8 o'clock hour of the show. 2023 is kicking off the New Year with introspection as Mercury and Mars are both in retrograde and a message to look inside before moving forward with new resolutions. January is a month of cleansing with help from the Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th. Tune in to hear how Jupiter in Aries, then moving into Taurus, will bring each sign good luck and abundance in the coming year.

Christmas is in Your Heart

December 28th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 02:19:44
The True Gifts of Christmas Are Those in YOUR HEART... The gift of Family,The gift of Friendship, The gift of Compassion The gift of YOU... Your Kindness & Love Are Gifts to the World, Not only at Christmas, But throughout the year! And The Greatest Gift of All Is GOD'S LOVE God's Love gives us Life, Sustains us in all we do And leads us to our Highest Destiny

Everything Happens for a Reason

December 14th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 02:22:40
EVERYTHING HAPPENS ?FOR A REASON! There IS A Reason! Do you wonder why certain things happen to you, sometimes over and over? Have you found yourself asking, "Do I REALLY have to go through this?" Though we may not understand why... Everything Happens For A Reason!

We Celebrate You

December 7th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 02:26:25
We Celebrate the Incredible Being That Is YOU! PLUS! Astrologer Stacie Haller will be joining Sarah during the 8 o'clock hour of the show. Tune in to hear how the Sag Sun will be concluding your year in each sign as we prepare to start 2023. But not before we have our last Mercury Retrograde, so early in this month is when it's time to get things done!

Time In A Bottle 7:00pm

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November 23rd, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 0:55:49

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Take The Limits Off 7:00pm

November 16th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 0:54:39

Take The Limits Off 6:00pm

November 16th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 0:54:34

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November 2nd, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 0:54:43

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Angels Messages 7:00pm

October 26th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 0:55:02

Angels Messages 6:00pm

October 26th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 0:54:34

God's Time 7:00pm

October 19th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 0:55:02

God's Time 6:00pm

October 19th, 2022 12:00am | Duration: 0:49:24

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