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This year, your New Year's Eve, like all of the 2020 holidays, will likely look different. You might be spending the evening watching New Year's movies or playing a New Year's game at home with your family rather than going out for a glitzy night on the town. It's been a hard year for all of us. One way you can celebrate the passing of 2020 and what's to come is to write out a few new goals for 2021.


We know you've see all those resolution lists before, the ones with all the complicated cleanses, intense workout plans and sincere intentions to do your best and make new healthy habits. Those tend to make you feel overwhelmed, and by Jan. 20, you're ready to get back to the same old, same old. But change doesn't have to come all at once. Why not subscribe to the motto, "Progress, not perfection" this year and pursue a few goals in small steps. What follows is a list of resolutions that aren't rocket science, but can work within your busy lifestyle, create more freedom, stimulate creativity and ultimately cultivate connection with those you love and the community around you.


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