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The US Has the Largest Air Force in the World

Air power has become a major part of the public discussion with regard to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russians have not been able to gain air superiority, which was one reason Ukraine’s much smaller air force was able to keep planes in the air. Ukraine's air force has remained a threat to Russia’s ground troops.


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On King's holiday, daughter calls for bold action over words

America has honored Martin Luther King Jr. with a federal holiday for nearly four decades yet still hasn't fully embraced and acted on the lessons from the slain civil rights leader, his youngest daughter said Monday.


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Oldest living Pearl Harbor survivor marks 105th birthday

Flag-waving admirers lined the sidewalk outside the National World War II Museum in New Orleans on Wednesday to greet the oldest living survivor of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor as he marked his upcoming 105th birthday.


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350 Best "Black Friday" Deals

There are decidedly two camps of shoppers when it comes to the biggest shopping week of the year: the ones who’ve been eagerly curating wish lists for months, and those who get a shiver of anxiety down their spine whenever the words “Black Friday” are uttered. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, you probably like to save money — and that’s where we come in.


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Dish Soap Hacks To Help Clean Up Your Life...and MORE!

There are actually a lot more things that dish sop can be used for! Its grease-fighting and moisturizing capabilities are endless. No one likes doing dishes, but it’s worth it because you need clean dishes to eat off of, and the same goes for these hacks. You don’t want to have to de-weed your garden or ward off ants in your house, but if dish soap could make those jobs a little easier, wouldn’t you want to know about it? 


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WEEKEND CHUCKLES: 108 Corny Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

It's hard to find people who don't appreciate a good corny joke. After all, there’s just something about a super cliché and predictable one-liner that gives it the ability to elicit a big belly laugh from even those with the driest of humor. Plus, having a few corny jokes to fall back on when you’re in need of a pickup line or an icebreaker for work is an invaluable necessity.


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All Your Wi-Fi Passwords Are Hidden Somewhere on Your Computer

Once you connect to a Wi-Fi network you probably never have to think about that password again, because once you're connected, you're connected. However, maybe a friend and family member comes over to your home and asks if they can connect to your network. Ah, what was that pesky password again? Is it that super long number on the back of your router? Or did you change it to something more personal?

Lucky for you, there's a way to find all your Wi-Fi passwords in a single place. Just check your computer.


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The Chronic Illness That Some Suspect Contributed To Elvis Presley's Death

Elvis Presley's career had an extraordinary impact on the history of music. There's a reason he remains one of the biggest, most iconic and influential artists ever. Naturally, his career had peaks and troughs like any other, but at the height of his powers, he was truly The King. His death has been attributed to a heart attack, but officials say there was more to his medical history than that.

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