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These inflatable decorations will transform your lawn for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, though some of us have been saying that since November 1st, and with it comes the frighteningly festive urge to decorate. But if the neighborhood slips too much into a routine, it can turn frightfully dull. That one house that always hangs the same witch and cat cutouts from 1985. The neighbor whose styrofoam tombstones always get lost in the autumn winds. Even the house that takes its front porch gore scene too far can get boring after a while.


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MLB player sends signed ball to 10-year-old fan robbed of catch

A Washington Nationals fan caught some flack earlier this month after a video went viral of him robbing a baseball thrown by a player on the field to a group of younger girls in the stands.


The video was posted to Twitter by Gina Hilliard, who is the mother of 10-year-old Avery and a team parent for an all-star softball team in Shenandoah, Virginia. In the tweet, Gina Hilliard asked the Nationals to send her daughter a ball to replace the one that the other fan grabbed.


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Study finds potential link between daily multivitamin and improved cognition in older adults

Taking a daily multivitamin might be associated with improved brain function in older adults, a new study says, and the benefit appears to be greater for those with a history of cardiovascular disease.


The findings did not surprise the researchers — rather, they were shocked, said Laura Baker, an author of the study and professor of gerontology and geriatric medicine at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.


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99-year-old trumpet player inspires through love of music


A Pittsburgh musician who started playing the trumpet 91 years ago is still going strong as he nears his 100th birthday.

Jim Hanna is among the retirees who make up the New Horizons Band of Greater Pittsburgh. The career carpenter created cases for his instruments from leftover scraps of wood, and made cases and wooden mouthpieces for friends.


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Sheryl Lee Ralph celebrates her Emmy win for 'Abbott Elementary' with a song

"Abbott Elementary" star Sheryl Lee Ralph used her Emmy acceptance speech to remind the audience — and viewers everywhere — that she's got major pipes.

While on stage, Ralph, who won the Emmy for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy for her role as seasoned teacher Barbara Howard, broke out into Dianne Reeves' song "Endangered Species."


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Hospital researchers working toward blood test for cancer

One of the ideas President Joe Biden is promoting in Boston as part of his "Cancer Moonshot" plan is trying to catch cancers earlier using simple blood tests.

A team of 50 researchers and 200 support staff at Mass General's Cancer Center in Charlestown, Massachusetts, are working to make those tests a reality.


“Because if you can find an early cancer and you can cut it before it spreads, then you're cured,” said MGH Cancer Center director Dr. Daniel Haber.


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30 Best Christmas Decorations to Buy Online in 2022

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with everything from Christmas lights to window decals from Amazon, Etsy and more.


There's something so joyful about holiday decorating, whether you do it alone with a cup of hot cocoa and "Jingle Bells" playing in the background or with the whole family as part of a tradition. Preparing for the Christmas season is so much more than just putting up your Christmas tree — it also involves hanging outdoor Christmas lights, draping garland around mantels and creating cheerful table settings. Gather inspiring holiday decorating ideas as you browse our list of the best Christmas decorations to buy this year, including great suggestions for outdoors.


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Without further ado, here are your 2022 Emmy Award winners

Did any of your favorite shows take home any Emmy Awards?

The 74th annual television awards ceremony was hosted this year by Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson.


Several shows, specifically the cast and creative teams from "Succession" and "Ted Lasso" had the most nominations across several categories.

Here's a look at the winners:

Outstanding drama series

  • Winner: "Succession"
  • "Better Call Saul"
  • "Euphoria"
  • "Ozark"
  • "Severance"
  • "Squid Game"
  • "Stranger Things"
  • "Yellowjackets"

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Niagara Falls illuminated blue in honor of Queen Elizabeth II

Visitors to Niagara Falls might notice that the water looks particularly blue for the next week.


The Niagara Falls Illumination Board has chosen to light both the Canadian Horseshoe and the American Falls in royal blue starting on Monday from 10:30 p.m. to midnight in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

The falls will be illuminated in blue for a full week, with the final night on Monday, Sept. 19, which ends the 10-day mourning period for the late Queen of England.


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Fantastic family Halloween costume ideas worth showing off on Instagram

luck of the irish, finding nemo and rugrats family halloween costume ideas 

SOURCE: Instagram @narwhaldesignink; @oliviamichelle.h; @monatalisa


This year, ditch the solo ideas and break the internet with a viral-worthy costume the whole gang can join in on. You and your troupe will be #familygoals with these totally original, perfectly coordinated family Halloween costumes. From classic pop-culture phenoms to your favorite midnight snacks (you eat tacos at midnight, right?), get the whole family involved in choosing this year’s group costume. The best part of family Halloween costumes is that a clan of any size can take part. Whether you are rolling five or more people deep or just hanging as a duo, there's a costume idea for every family on our list.

No matter if you get creative and DIY them or just purchase prepackaged costumes, these family Halloween costume ideas are sure to steal the spotlight. And don't worry, we made sure to have costumes for every budget and level of crafting ability.


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Bernard Shaw, CNN's first chief anchor and pioneering Black journalist, dies at 82


Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw died Wednesday of pneumonia unrelated to COVID-19, Shaw's family announced in a statement Thursday. Shaw was 82 years old.

Shaw was CNN's first chief anchor and was with the network when it launched on June 1, 1980. He retired from CNN after more than 20 years on Feb. 28, 2001.


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Queen Elizabeth II under medical supervision as doctors 'concerned' for her health

LONDON, England —

Queen Elizabeth II has been placed under medical supervision because doctors are "concerned for Her Majesty's health," Buckingham Palace said Thursday, as members of the royal family rushed to Scotland to the side of the 96-year-old monarch.

The announcement by the palace came a day after the queen canceled a virtual meeting of her Privy Council when doctors advised her to rest following a full day of events on Tuesday, when she formally asked Liz Truss to become Britain's prime minister.


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Early Signs of Dementia or Alzheimer's You Should Watch Out For

Do you worry that you - or someone you love - is at high risk for age-related cognitive decline, like dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Here’s an early sign to watch out for: Walking more slowly than usual.
A team from Monash University in Australia led by Dr. Taya Collyer kept tabs on nearly 17 thousand retirees over a 7-year period. Study participants took periodic tests to measure memory, mental speed, verbal fluency, overall cognitive decline, and walking speed.

The result: Those walking at least 5% slower than the previous year, were at higher risk for dementia.

Dr. Collyer believes a declining walking speed is linked to shrinkage in the hippocampus, the brain area linked to memory, learning, and spatial navigation.

The good news is: We can slow the progress of age-related cognitive decline with consistent exercise! Psychologists from the University of Pittsburgh had seniors begin walking 10 minutes a day - and gradually increased it to 40 minutes a day.

The result: Study participants increased the size of their hippocampus by up to 2%, which shaved 1 to 2 years off their brain’s actual age.

Again, we now know one of the early signs of cognitive decline is a slower walking speed.

McDonald's is adding a new treat for fall

McDonald's newest item for fall doesn't have pumpkin or maple flavors. Rather, it's a nostalgic treat from more than three decades ago.

Beginning Sept. 14, the chain is bringing back the cheese Danish, a flaky pastry filled with sweet cream cheese and topped with a buttery streusel and light vanilla drizzle. McDonald's said the limited-time offering is a "fresh take" on a similar pastry it briefly served in the 1980s.


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Amazon is filled with Halloween decorations to dress up the inside and outside of your home

Lights and inflatables and trees, oh my!


Halloween is slowly creeping up on us, which means that if you wait too long to snag that frightening decor you’ve had your eye on, you run the risk of missing out. If you tend to focus on decorating either indoors or outdoors, perhaps now is the time to pay attention to the one you’ve been neglecting.

Amazon is coming in handy (as always) by offering pages upon pages worth of Halloween decorations. To make sure you’re looking at the very best, we’ve compiled lightsinflatables, trees, and more that are sure to make Halloween that much scarier this year!


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Credit Karma ordered to pay users after falsely claiming they were pre-approved for credit cards

Some Credit Karma users could be seeing part of a $3 million payout.


The Federal Trade Commission has ordered the company to pay users after falsely claiming they were pre-approved for credit cards.

FTC officials say nearly one-third of people who applied for those offers, were denied and that misrepresentation harmed their credit scores.

This happened between 2018 and 2021.

Credit Karma says it disagrees with the FTC but is settling to avoid disruptions.


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The best pumpkin candles that'll make your home smell like fall heaven

How do we love thee, pumpkin spice? Let us count the ways. Consider this guide to the best pumpkin candles to be our declaration of unceasing admiration.

No longer just reserved for lattes, pumpkin spice is a flavor that is just so warm, cozy, and satisfying however you encounter it, like a weighted blanket for the soul. These candles' scents range from the classic allspice, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg medley, to pumpkins baked in pies, simmering over the stove with butter, pressed into waffles, roasted with chestnuts — you name it.

If you're not a pumpkin-spice lover, we have plenty more options for you, too! These are our favorite pumpkin candles that make fall the 365-day celebration that it should be.

Mobile app users: Click here to view the selections.


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Serena wins again at US Open, beating No. 2 seed Kontaveit


Serena Williams can call it "evolving" or "retiring" or whatever she wants. And she can be coy about whether or not this U.S. Open will actually mark the end of her playing days. Those 23 Grand Slam titles earned that right.

If she keeps playing like this, who knows how long this farewell will last?


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"This book had to go back:" Man returns overdue library book 77 years later


In the past year, many libraries have ended their late fees, leading to a large number of books being returned.

Bob Jablonski returned an overdue book — 77 years later.

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