f you thought this summer was only about hard seltzer and boozy pops, think again.

Kraftthat longtime purveyor of mac & cheese, is ready to introduce to you something that's really guaranteed to blow your mind: Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream. Yes, you read that correctly.


Beginning July 14, lovers of both ice cream and Kraft macaroni & cheese can get a two-for-one deal with the release of what could possibly be your new favorite after-dinner snack.

Partnering with Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, the new release combines the year-round comfort foods to create a sure-to-be unforgettable and definitely flavorful treat!

There are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes here, so this minimal ingredient creation is sure to be the conversation starter at all of your summertime events. Interesting! OK!


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