What took decades to collect, refurbish and restore should be gone in one afternoon.

The Hemken Classic Car collection will be auctioned off Saturday at the Hemken Farm in Williams, Iowa.


All the cars belong to Daryl Hemken.

"He started collecting in 1960," said Steve Hemken, Daryl's son.

Steve Hemken says his father's first purchase was a 1914 Model T.

From there, his father's passion for the classics hit cruise control.

"Throughout the '60s and '70s he brought home a lot of cars," Steve Hemken said.

On Saturday, 65 to 70 of his father's classic cars will be auctioned off.

The majority of the money raised will go to McPherson College in Kansas.

The money will endow a scholarship in the names of his parents Daryl and Ann Hemken.

Daryl passed away in 2005, Ann passed last year.

"McPherson is the only college in the country with a 4-year degree program in car restoration," Steve Hemken said.


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