Express your fall style with these simple and inexpensive decor ideas


Before the cooking comes the most fun part of the Thanksgiving holiday traditions: decorations! Halloween and Christmas tend to get all the attention when it comes to holiday home decorating hoopla — but if you're someone that loves to find any excuse to dress up your house, gussying things up for Turkey Day is a must.

Of course, Thanksgiving day can be pretty stressful, what with your entire family coming over and that big ol' Thanksgiving meal that needs to be cooked. You certainly don't need to be stressed out over what your Thanksgiving table settings or your front porch looks like. That's where this list of the best ideas for traditional Thanksgiving decorations comes in handy. These simple and inexpensive DIYs can be completed with just a few items (some of which you probably already have sitting around your house), and your guests will be so impressed with your Thanksgiving crafting skills. Plus, some of these ideas are easy to co-opt for Christmas, so you'll get double the bang for your holiday decorating buck.

Whatever your style, whatever room you plan to decorate, or whatever your budget is, there's a Thanksgiving decorating idea for you here just waiting to become part of your permanent holiday rotation. Any of these charming homemade designs will quickly add some festive flair to your home, outdoor porch or Thanksgiving dinner table spread.


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