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New 911 feature allows you to upload life-saving information to your phone

There's a new life-saving measure you can use on your phone right now.

In 2019, a system called Rapid SOS was added to 90% of dispatch centers across the United States.


It enhances dispatchers' ability to track where 911 calls are coming from. As of May of 2022, people can now upload personal health information to their phones. So when they call 911, dispatchers see the information you've uploaded.

"Your profile will be shared with dispatchers so they can have a better idea of your treatment plan," said Tracey Bearden, a 911 coordinator in Des Moines, Iowa.

The technology also allows dispatch to more accurately track a caller's location, which can be helpful in the direst situations.

"Let's say you call 911 and you were stuffed in the trunk of a vehicle, they're going to see you as you move. So as long as you stay connected to 911, then they can see you moving along," Bearden said.


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